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Loddon Mallee Kids (LMK) is a not for profit organisation that offers information, advice and ongoing support to the families of premature babies.
In 2011, 1169 babies were born at Bendigo Health. Of this 360 babies (a massive 30%) went through the Special Care Baby Unit which offers care to sick and premature babies.

Children born prematurely face continued physical and developmental challenges from birth up to school age and sometimes beyond. As parents of premature children ourselves, we understand the emotional hardship that this can have on the families of those children and seek to offer not only ideas, guidance and suggestions to help the child overcome their physical and developmental challenges but also emotional assistance through empathy, friendship and understanding for their family as a whole.
This is primarily achieved through our fortnightly premmie playgroup and weekly hospital visits to meet with the families of newly born premature babies.

LMK relies primarily on corporate sponsorship and philanthropic donations to operate. With your help, we can make a difference. Each year we hold a fundraising dinner in Bendigo. Funds raised from each dinner go directly to providing essential resources to help raise awareness of the group and run our fortnightly playgroups.

If you would like to find out more about how you can support the families of premature babies in our region please contact:

Laura (LMK President) on 0407 534 950 or Ang (LMK Vice President) on 0428 118 160.

Your DJ Hire Melbourne Professional

Your DJ Hire Melbourne Professional

When you make the decision to hire a DJ Hire Melbourne professional, you are ensuring that your event has great music that everyone is sure to love. One of the major reasons for hiring a local DJ Hire Melbourne company is to avoid having to do this type of work on your own. Instead, you will have a professional who is creating and playing the music for you at your special event.

There are many times when you may want to hire a DJ Hire Melbourne company, so these are times you may want to consider hiring this type of expert. The DJ Hire Melbourne expert is there to assist in any and all ways that they can. They can easily create the playlist that you need for the event, so this is the time to hire them for an upcoming event or party that might be going on in your life.

One of the fantastic aspects of hiring a DJ Hire Melbourne professional is that they are reasonably priced and will not charge an arm and a leg for their services. The key is to contact them right away when you know you have an event coming up at some point in the future. They will then be guaranteed to come to the event and play the music that you need and want to get the party started. It is a great time to consider hiring a professional DJ if this is something you feel you can benefit from.

How Removalists Brisbane Can Keep Your Belongings Safe When Moving

How Removalists Brisbane Can Keep Your Belongings Safe When Moving

Many people have heard stories from friends or family members about some of their items being damaged while moving into a new home. Any time you move your belongings from their current location, pack them tightly into a truck and unload them again, there is a chance that they can be damaged. This includes whether you move your items on your own or whether you hire professional removalists Brisbane to assist you with the task. These may be expensive items or items with sentimental value, and damage to both types of items can be difficult to endure. While damage can occur from time to time, bear in mind that professional removalists will follow several important steps to keep your belongings safe while helping you move into your new space. 

Skilled and experienced cheap removalists Brisbane – http://www.fragileremovals.com.au/brisbane know how important it is for you to keep your belongings safe, and they also know what it takes to accomplish this goal. When you move your items on your own, you may spend time with each of your large or fragile items wondering what steps you need to take to safely get them out of your home or on the truck without damaging them. Removalists Brisbane have completed numerous moving projects over the years, and they know exactly what needs to be done to keep your items safe. This may include correct handling and positioning of the items to get them out the door, how to wrap them safely to prevent breakage or scratches and even how to disassemble and reassemble them for the best results. 

Some people believe that they will move their belongings into their new home more safely than removalists Brisbane because they have a personal stake in their care. However, the right removalists Brisbane have the experience, skills and equipment necessary to keep your items safe, and you can benefit from putting their expertise to work for you when you are relocating.

Cell Care Cord Tissue Banking

No parent wants to envision a day when their child is ill, especially when a life-threatening illness can turn everyone’s world upside down. Many are choosing to take part in umbilical cord tissue banking to have an insurance policy against such a misfortune. As new parents try and prepare for the arrival of a newborn, umbilical cord tissue banking might be another consideration to add to the list. Parents take a variety of measures to protect their babies, from taking prenatal vitamins, eating the right kind of foods, staying away from smoking, and baby proofing the house. Scientists predict that umbilical cord tissue banking assists parents with another way to prepare for the day when a serious medical condition may affect the life of a child.

Research concerning the applications of umbilical cord blood banking from Cellcare.com.au is in the stage of development. Researchers have an intense interest in the stem cells that are derived from the umbilical cord. These vital cells have astounding properties. Scientists believe that they can differentiate, making it possible for umbilical cord stem cells to be applied to many different parts of the body. In addition, regeneration is another key property. If research findings hold true, scientists could harvest stem cells that were initially found in the umbilical cord in order to treat major illnesses. Cancer could become a thing of the past. Muscular and vascular conditions could be cured. It is the hope of medical experts that stem cells from the umbilical cord will be utilized to restore healthy functioning in children who have been stricken with major health problems. Parents who make the choice to participate in umbilical cord tissue banking are preparing themselves for a future when stem cells can change the life of a child for the better.



How Luxury Home Builders Melbourne Can Help You to Live the Good Life

How Luxury Home Builders Melbourne Can Help You to Live the Good Life

Many people love certain aspects of their current home, but they may not love everything about their space. For example, the location may no longer be fully desirable, the space may be too small or the style may be outdated or less trendy than they would like. At some point, many people will make the decision that they have simply had enough of their current living environment and they are ready to improve their situation by moving into a new home. If you are ready to live the good life, you can work with luxury home builders Melbourne to create the perfect home.

There are many components of your next home that must be perfect to meet your needs. The good news is that luxury home builders Melbourne from Lifestyle By Design can build the home of your dreams on the lot that you select. You may want to live in a charming neighborhood on the outskirts of town or on a large estate-style lot. You may want to have a sprawling ranch-style home or a two-story home with a modern facade. Some people have special features that they desire in their space, such as a study with a built-in desk, a second-story balcony, extra storage space in the kitchen and more. Luxury home builders Melbourne will spend time initially learning about what you love and what you dislike about your current home. They will learn more about your goals and dreams for your space. Then, they will create a gorgeous space that is perfect for you. 

While luxury home builders Melbourne will help you to create a gorgeous home that meets all of your needs in a location that is desirable to you, it is also important to note that the builder will assist you with the design of your home’s interior. You will be able to choose any materials that you want to use for the interior and to incorporate any color scheme into your space. You may want to create a sophisticated, modern look or a classic, traditional look in your home. Your luxury home builders Melbourne are able to assist you with any type of dream home that you can envision.

Getting A Quality Marketing Consultant Gold Coast

Getting A Quality Marketing Consultant Gold Coast

Getting a marketing consultant Gold Coast can be a stepping stone to growing a business successfully. The truth about the Internet is that anyone can get a ton of attention and visitors when they utilize the Internet and other marketing tools. Working with a consultant will help get any business prepared for knowing exactly what to do next for growing their brand, achieving a strong presence, and developing a successful business. There are many ways to market a brand, but working with a professional can help increase chances of success.

Benefits Of Getting A Quality Marketing Consultant Gold Coast

– Get Access To New Marketing Sources

The main benefit is being able to get top of the line updates on the latest marketing strategies. Whether it’s the new development found on Vine or working with new social media platforms, a consultant will properly prepare a business for the industry to grow their brand properly. It’s not easy to gain a following, engage users, and find out what their market wants the most. Marketers work with top tier companies and their fellow colleagues to stay up to date on future developments that may involve promoting a business with better marketing.

Marketing and advertising a business in Gold Coast, Australia requires work and proper market research on what people in Australia want. The key is to get the brand in the eyes of the right customers. Consultants will properly go into the business and their niche, and they will locate where their best clients and potential customers will be online. It’s a tricky business to marketing companies, but they know how to find the right strategies for their clientele.

If a business needs proper marketing online, it is vital that they work with a consultant who understands their market. Finding out what the marketing consultant Gold Coast from Juice Marketing specializes in can help find the right marketer.