Gladiator Sandal

The Gladiator Sandal

One super hip trend of the summer is the gladiator sandals. This unique sandal is so versatile and used for any ocassion. You really cat go wrong with this newer fashion trend. The gladiator sandal is found in most fashion, department and clothing stores, and will come in a variety of styles.

What is the gladiator sandal exactly? Well, it’s a unique spin on the sandal that includes straps going across the foot all the way up to the ankle, and in some instances, even further. Many gladiator sandals will go all the way up to the knee. The gladiator sandal is usually made of a faux leather or genuine leather, and will come in your basic colors like black, brown and taupe. Other styles might come in gold and silver for. A more dressy look. A lot of times they are accented with things like studs or tassels. Most of these sandals zip up the back, which makes for an even nicer accent.

The versatility of the gladiator sandalsĀ is what truly makes it a must have in your closet. Wear them to a wedding with a cute dress, or wear ankle gladiators with a nice pair of skinny jeans. You could rock higher ones with a pair of shorts or a mini-skirt for a more casual look. The ideas are truly endless. One things for sure- you need to invest in a pair immediately!

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