Police Checks

Australian and American Police Checks

What comes to mind when you hear the words ‘police checks’? A lot of people think ‘avoiding them’ of course, but what if you could teach in any school just by running a traffic stop? Interesting right? As you hold on that thought, here are the two sides of the coin about police stops around the world.

In Australia, the parliament has a new solution for those violating police stops: volunteering in public schools. How did they come to this decision? Well, following the long lines involved in clearing traffic rule offenders, having them teach to say ‘I am sorry’ didn’t seem to hurt. But there is a caveat to this; other parents are concerned about the whole idea of having delinquents hold a chalk in front of their kids.

This means to teach as a way of paying for traffic offences, one has to go through a screening test by the government and the school in question. Repeat traffic offenders aren’t likely to have this offer for redemption neither will anyone with a past criminal record. To add to that, head teachers of public schools have to review the victim’s character before allowing them into any class. So be nice on the next parent’s meeting and your may just win the head teacher’s favor.

Over to America, things may look grim at border police checks if Trump wins the election. In a recent rally held, Donald Trump exclaimed, without mincing his words, that immigrants are the largest contributors to crime in the USA. But the public has a different opinion going by the 65% majority who say immigrants can stay as long as they meet citizenship requirements.

Does this leave Trump with 35% of Americans supporting his course? Actually no, it’s only republicans who think he is right and only 31% of them. With such vivid statistics staring at his face, Mr. Trump may just want to rethink his decision on border police check express on his next tea break.

So that’s it, the good and bad news about Australian and American police checks. On one side, traffic stops are grooming citizens to be better while on the other side Mexican immigrants are holding their breath in the next election.

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